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MK350N Premium

  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • LED Meter
  • Flicker Meter

MK350N Premium handheld spectrometer
Advanced upgrades of operation and speed,
Embedded with spectral technology,
Optimize the LUX measuring range,
Overall, the measuring result becomes more accurate which can be your best reliable helper.

3.5”Color Touchscreen and All New icon Design
Interface is concise, menu is classified clearly and intuitive icon is operational,
Closer to user preferences in experiencing easy and simple style,
It is a Spectrum Analyzer, LED Meter and Flicker Meter for LED manufacture.

Flicker, all lights have it.
Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can’t.
Most of the lighting products with dimming, circuit control systems cause flicker problems.
In any case, flicker can spell trouble of all kinds, with high unpredictable health and safety risks.

●Public security accidents occur frequently.
●It can lead to headache and induced epilepsy attacks.
●Visual fatigue and reduced visual task performance causes the distraction.
●The quality of image shooting quality is hard to maintain,
increasing the post-production cost.

Use the MK350N Premium Spectrometer to fight flicker issues readily.
Add high efficient Flicker measurement Module Complied to the international measuring standards “IES/ASSIST/ENERGY STAR”.
Sampling rate is up to 100k Hz which could capture the flicker parameters, light amplitude and light frequency.
It extremely suits for LED professional who are strict at application quality requirements of the light sources.